In an announcement by the President of the Zambia Union of Nurses and Midwives (ZUNO), Fray Michelo, dated March 26, 2024, it was revealed that the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has given its official seal of approval to the proposed 2023 ZUNMO Constitution. This development marks a significant stride forward for the organization, solidifying its governance structure and paving the way for effective implementation of its mandates.

Following a thorough review process, the authorities have acknowledged the credibility and compliance of the proposed constitution with all relevant regulations and laws. This endorsement stands as a testament to the diligence and commitment of the organisation leadership and its members in crafting a document that embodies the organization’s values, principles, and objectives.

With the approval now secured, ZUNMO can confidently proceed with the implementation of the constitution’s provisions, which encompass vital aspects such as decision-making frameworks, governance procedures, member rights and responsibilities, as well as mechanisms for accountability and transparency. Notably, the organization will henceforth be officially known as the Zambia Union of Nurses and Midwives Organisation, abbreviated as “ZUNMO,” with all administrative processes aligning with the approved constitution.

President Michelo expressed profound gratitude to all members who actively contributed their time, expertise, and insights during the constitution drafting process. Their unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in achieving this milestone, underscoring the spirit of collaboration and unity within the ZUNMO community.

Looking ahead, meetings will be convened to chart the course for the next phase of implementation and to address any queries or concerns regarding the approved constitution. This inclusive approach reflects ZUNMO’s commitment to fostering transparency, participation, and collective decision-making among its stakeholders.

In closing, President Michelo reiterated appreciation for the steadfast support and dedication demonstrated by members towards advancing the organization’s mission and vision. With the approved constitution as its guiding framework, ZUNMO stands poised to continue serving as a cornerstone in championing the rights and welfare of nurses and midwives across Zambia.