ZUNO Joins Battle against Cholera OutBreak

The Zambia Union of Nurses Organization (ZUNO) has stepped forward with a significant contribution to aid the government’s battle against the cholera outbreak in Zambia, donating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) valued at K70,000.

ZUNO President Fray Michelo handing over a donation to Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo

Mr. Fray Michelo, President of ZUNO, conveyed heartfelt appreciation to the government and all stakeholders for their unwavering support and cooperation in addressing the crisis. Stressing the critical importance of strict infection control measures, he urged nurses and midwives to strictly adhere to these guidelines.

ZUNOs’ donation underscores its steadfast commitment to the well-being of healthcare workers and patients alike, equipping them with essential tools for safeguarding against the outbreak. Prior to the donation, thorough assessments were conducted to ensure the adequacy of the provided PPE in protecting front-line healthcare professionals.

Mr. Michelo also expressed gratitude for the collaborative partnership in tackling the outbreak, recognizing the collective effort required to mitigate its impact on public health. ZUNO remains dedicated to empowering nurses and midwives, facilitating the safe and effective execution of their duties through provisions like PPE.

Minister of Health, Ms. Sylvia Masebo, extended sincere thanks to ZUNO for their generous contribution of PPE. She acknowledged the vital role these supplies will play in bolstering the government’s ongoing efforts against the outbreak, stressing the importance of adherence to infection control protocols among healthcare personnel.

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