ZUNMO President Fray Michelo during the National Conference on Infectious Disease Nursing in Zhengzhou, China

President of the Zambia Union of Nurses and Midwives Organisation, Mr. Fray Michelo, expressed gratitude and pride as he addressed attendees at the National Conference on Infectious Disease Nursing organized by the Chinese Nursing Association. The conference, held in Zhengzhou, brought together healthcare professionals from around the globe to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in combating infectious diseases.

In his address, Mr. Michelo highlighted the crucial role nurses play in safeguarding public health, particularly underscored by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized the importance of ongoing education and international cooperation in managing emerging health threats effectively. The ZUNMO President praised the Chinese Nursing Association for their dedication to advancing the nursing profession and fostering global collaboration, noting the invaluable opportunity the conference provided for building partnerships and sharing knowledge.

Reflecting on Zambia’s experiences, Mr. Michelo commended Zambian nurses for their unwavering dedication during various infectious disease outbreaks, demonstrating courage and compassion in their duties. He stressed the significance of preparedness and international solidarity in tackling infectious diseases, which do not respect borders.

He concluded by urging continued collaboration among healthcare professionals worldwide to develop effective strategies that improve patient outcomes and strengthen global health resilience.

The National Conference on Infectious Disease Nursing that took place from June 27 to 29, 2024, in Zhengzhou serves as a testament to the commitment of nurses globally to advance healthcare and ensure the well-being of communities worldwide.