ZUNMO Advocates for Investment in Nursing and Midwifery


In a radio interview on Radio Phoenix, Mr. Martin Muloongo, the General Secretary of the Zambia Union of Nurses and Midwives Organization, alongside Mrs. Dorothy Chikampa, Former President of the Zambia Nurses Association and Nurse Educator, underscored the critical need for increased investment in nursing and midwifery across Zambia.

Mr. Muloongo highlighted the unwavering dedication of nurses and midwives, particularly in rural areas, where they tirelessly serve communities despite facing numerous challenges. He stressed the imperative for policymakers to prioritize improving the conditions of service for these essential healthcare professionals, ensuring they operate in safe environments and receive fair compensation for their invaluable service to society.

During the interview, Mr. Muloongo passionately urged communities to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts of nurses and midwives, emphasizing that recognition plays a pivotal role in motivating them to continue their vital work. He emphasized that nurturing a supportive environment is key to ensuring the well-being and morale of these healthcare workers.

Mrs. Chikampa echoed Mr. Muloongo’s sentiments, encouraging nurses and midwives to maintain their dedication to duty while delivering care to the sick. She emphasized the importance of upholding the highest standards of care and demonstrating a positive attitude towards their work. Mrs. Chikampa’s words served as a rallying call for healthcare professionals to remain committed to their noble profession despite the challenges they may face.

The interview coincided with the global commemoration of International Nurses Day on May 12, celebrated under the theme, “Our Nurses, Our Future: The Economic Power of Care.” This theme highlights the indispensable role of nurses and midwives in not only providing healthcare but also contributing significantly to the economic prosperity of nations.

As the world recognizes the invaluable contributions of nurses and midwives, the call for increased investment in their profession resonates louder than ever. By prioritizing their training, ensuring favorable working conditions, and offering fair compensation, policymakers can empower these healthcare heroes to continue their life-saving work and secure a brighter future for healthcare systems worldwide.

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