ZUNO Elects New National Executive Committee

The Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) concluded its 4th Quadrennial Conference and 58th National Assembly of nurses and midwives in Livingstone. The event, themed “Our Nurse; Our Future,” marked a pivotal moment for ZUNO as it elected the National Executive Committee (NEC) to lead the organization for the 2024-2027 term.

New Leadership

Out-going ZUNO President Mrs. Tisa Meleka Chiponda Handing over the Presidential Chain to ZUNO President Elect Mr. Fray Michelo
  • President: Mr. Fray Michelo (Former General Secretary)
  • Vice President Labour Affairs: Mr. Alfred Mulenga (Formerly Deputy General Secretary Operations & Organisation)
  • Vice President Professional Affairs: Ms. Chimuka Sikapoto (Formerly Southern Provincial Chairperson)
  • General Secretary: Mr. Martin Muloogo (Formerly Vice President Labour Affairs)
  • General Secretary for Finance and Administration: Mr. Ernest Mumba (Retained former position)
  • Deputy General Secretary Operations & Organisation: Mr. Kean Josat Sakala (Formerly National Trustee)
  • National Chairperson Gender Affairs: Ms. Vanelle Musonda (Formerly Lusaka Provincial Vice Treasurer)
  • Elected National Trustees:
    • Mr. Edward Chibiya (Formerly Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson)
    • Ms. Sara Kalumbu (Formerly appointed National Trustee)

The NEC will soon be completed with the appointment of two additional National Trustees in the Committee’s first sitting, forming a full Eleven-member ZUNO National Executive Committee.

Solidarity and Encouragement from ZCTU

ZUNO received heartfelt congratulations and solidarity from Mr. Joy Beene, Secretary General of the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). Mr. Beene emphasized the importance of the new leaders embracing their roles with courage, integrity, and a profound sense of responsibility.

The Importance of Quadrennial Conferences

The ZUNO Quadrennial conference remains a crucial governance structure, serving as the supreme policy-making organ of the organization. During these conferences, ZUNO members convene to:

  1. Consider and sanction alterations to the rules and policies.
  2. Discuss professional issues via scientific paper presentations.
  3. Elect the National Executive Committee for the forthcoming 4-year term.

This conference serves as a platform for enhancing professional standards and charting the course for ZUNO’s future.

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