ZUNO Stands Firm in Support of Ministry of Health’s Pursuit of Promotions for Nurses and Midwives

ZUNO General Secretary Mr. Fray Michelo has reiterated the organisations’ steadfast commitment to advocating for the creation of vacant positions through the promotion of employees currently in service. “As a responsible and proactive union, we have actively pursued the pending administrative issues arising from the 2022/23 Collective Bargaining process with the Government.” He said.

Mr. Michelo stated that since the signing of the 2023 Collective Agreement with Government, ZUNO has been at the forefront of facilitating dialogue and engagement with Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the Public Service Management Division (PSMD). Our primary focus has been to address critical issues such as promotions and other related administrative matters.

“The matter of promotions and recruitment holds immense significance for our members who have demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment to their roles within the Ministry of Health.” He said adding that the Ministry of Health through the Honourable Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo should be applauded for being fully consultative on this matter by engaging ZUNO and all stakeholders representing diverse cadres within the ministry.  Mr. Michelo said the move will better pave the way for recruitment of the much-needed human resource for health. 

He stated that ZUNO’s overarching goal is to ensure the establishment of fair and equitable promotion policies that champion meritocracy and provide our members with the opportunity to advance in their careers. “We firmly believe that recognizing and rewarding excellence will not only bolster employee morale and motivation but also enhance the overall effectiveness of the Ministry of Health in fulfilling its vital mandate of providing quality healthcare services to our citizens.” Mr. Michelo added.

“ZUNO remains dedicated to fostering an environment of collaboration, understanding, and constructive dialogue as opposed to protests on matters that can be resolved through due process.” He stated adding that ZUNO shall continue to serve as a beacon of advocacy, championing the rights and interests of the nurses and midwives.

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